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Students are expected to attend all lectures, labs, and the internship/externship and to be punctual in attending classes. Instructors will maintain a positive record of attendance for the evening classes and for both the morning and afternoon sessions of the day classes. A tardy is defined as arriving in the classroom after the designated time for the beginning of the class or for the continuation of class after breaks. Five tardiness to class will be counted as one

absence. All tests missed due to the absence of a student must be taken on the first day of attendance after the student's absence.




No more than 5% of the total course time hours for a program may be made up. Makeup work shall:


(1)              be supervised by an instructor approved for the class being made up.

(2)              require the student to demonstrate substantially the same level of knowledge or competence expected of a student who attended the scheduled class session.

(3)              be completed within two weeks of the end of the grading period during which the absence occurred.

(4)              be documented by the school as being completed, recording the date, time, duration of the make-up session, and the name of the supervising instructor; and

(5)              be signed and dated by the student to acknowledge the make-up session.

(6)                  two Saturday classes per six weeks will be offered for make-up sessions.


Note: Make-up of missed hours of the externship must be arranged with the externship site supervisor. Make-up time for absences during the externship is limited to 10 hours. This time may be further limited due to supervised make-up work earlier in the term.


A student who misses more than 10% of class hours will be placed on attendance probation with conditions stipulated by the school director. Enrollment in the program will be *terminated for a student who is absent for more than 20% (41 hours) of the class hours of the program. A student whose enrollment was terminated due to unsatisfactory attendance may re-enroll on attendance probation in a subsequent term in the next 12 calendar months. Such re-enrollment does not circumvent the approved refund policy. If the re-enrolled student on attendance probation is absent for more than 20% of the class hours, the student's enrollment in the program will be *terminated, and the student will not be readmitted to the program.


*DTI will not terminate the enrollment of a student for lack of attendance at a point at which a refund would not be due.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Leave of Absence


The school director may grant a leave of absence after determining that good cause is shown. A student may have no more than two leaves of absence in a 12-month calendar period and may be on leave of absence no more than 60 calendar days during that period. School attendance records will clearly define the dates of the student's leave of absence. A written statement of the reason(s)

leave of absence was granted, signed by both the student and the school director indicating approval, will be placed in the student's permanent file. (See Grading Policy/Incomplete for the work completion timeline and fee information.)