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Grading Policy

Grading Policy

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A student's final numeric grade for a subject will be compiled from the grades earned by the student for work assigned and then weighted by the instructor according to the proportions shown in the "basis of grades" sections of the subject syllabi provided to students by their instructors. To determine the student's final average for course completion, the subject numeric grades are converted to grade points based on a 4.00 scale using the table below:





Numeric Grade                            Letter Grade                              Grade Points

90 - 100                                                A                                                    4.00


80 - 89                                                  B                                                    3.00


70 - 79                                                  C                                                    2.00


60 – 69                                                 D                                                   1.00


Below 60                                              F                                                    0.00


*Incomplete                                         I                                                     0.00


**Withdrawal                             W                                                   0.00