Dolores Davis started her career in the Medical field when she was in high school by joining the volunteering at the local hospital 1972.   She graduated in1986 from the Lamar University in Beaumont TX.   In 1994 Dolores was called to the ministry, opening the only Youth Rescue Mission in the area.    

Dolores worked tirelessly at the calling and won many awards for her efforts.   She opened a school inside of the mission which gave the young people a chance to catch up and graduate with their peers.  She provided clear path to help the people progress their own lives by overseeing the continuous operation of the Mission for 20 years.  

In 2017, she was approached to help open a professional health careers school.  Hughes Institute of Professional Health Careers was opened for business in February of 2018 thrived at her persistence.   Students came to enjoy the teaching technique of Dolores and her staff.  HIPHC became a WIOA provider in October 2018 and the first WIOA student enrolled in October of 2018.  

In January 2020 Dolores and staff informed Mr. Hughes that they would pursue licenses from the state of Texas to open Davis Training Institute.  Dolores is continuing the call of the Ministry by opening a non-for-profit educational facility to help and inspired people from all walks of life.  Dolores heads the school with the help of a dedicated staff, she continues to fulfill the mission, of helping students achieve their goals for entry-level jobs in the healthcare field. 

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