A medical career is often the most admired career of the world.  A medical career is humanitarian, noble and is undoubtedly holds a very bright future for those who are after it.  In terms of money and financial rewards, this field is one of the most promising of all.  

Davis Training Institute empowers adult learners to advance or change their careers, learn a new skill, or gain personal satisfaction.  The school strives to fulfill this mission by providing a broad depth of applicable technology, and a wide array of flexible services aimed at the needs of the adult learner.  Programs not only teach current marketplace skills, but also present liberal arts offering and develop critical thinking, writing, and mathematical abilities. All students enrolled in DTI will establish basic levels of training services and employment in the healthcare fields.  

In addition, all services provided at DTI focus on offering unemployed and employed clients additional training to reach self-sufficiency.  The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with appropriate prior education and students that meet the psycho-motor demands to enroll in programs without regard to race, religion, gender, age, color, or national origin.